Everybody knows that hundreds of Hollywood celebrities have plastic surgery procedures to enhance their looks, and when British stars make the move across the Pond, we hope and pray they won’t give in to these pressures and go under the knife too.

Now rumours have been circulating recently, that Leona Lewis has succumbed and undergone plastic surgery on her nose. The Grammy nominated Bleeding Love singer, from Hackney in East London, has been forced to deny rumours she’s had a nose job, after a plastic surgeon commented on her new look which was unveiled last week.

Dr Barbara Lutz, of the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group, told The Sun, “It appears Leona has had the bridge and tip of her nose thinned.” But Leona’s spokesperson quickly stepped in to defend her, calling the cosmetic surgery rumours “total rubbish.”

In a similar story, Kim kardashian recently told Haarpers Baazar that she uses make-up to disguise the size of her nose, so maybe Leona is taking a leaf out of Kimmi’s book? Who knows!?

Despite all the protest, it’s obvious Leona has undergone some drastic changes, but what do you think? Has she gone under the knife or is it just very creative make-up trickery?