Name: Jamell DamaJe

Age: 22

Profession: model/photographer/videographer and interviewer to the stars.

Jamell is never too far away from a celebrity or from an urban boutique  as he revealed to Pappzd through pictures this week.

New images display a meticulously dressed Jamell in unique and quirky outfits, showing he was first in line when the ‘guy up there’ handed out swagger.

The stylish Londoner, who is currently working with That Grape Juice, wants to be the next big mogul in entertainment media and told us,

Imagine if Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey got married, adopted a child and put all their time, effort and money into making that child successful, well that child is me

Lets hope he doesn’t forget Pappzd when he’s nominated for an Oscar.