Hadoken!! Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon on the set of Twitterhood

Things got a little bit tense in the hood last night as the beef between Kidulthood and Adulthood writer, director and star Noel Clarke and his one-time protege Anuvahood co-writer and director Adam Deacon played out before our very eyes on Twitter.

Seems some are accusing Clarke of negativity towards Deacon, even accusing him of creating a Twitter alter-ego yesterday (FreemasonMan) to take cloak-and-dagger swipes at the Anuvahood creator’s success.

Clarke denies this but Deacon supports the view, at one point confirming his suspicion that he believes FreemasonMan to be Noel Clarke! Here are some of the tweets.


And the shit get’s more real. What we don’t understand is WHY Deacon is actually following FreemasonMan!?

Anyway, fans, co-stars and industry peeps are getting in on it too, some trying to make the peace, others taking sides and seeming to mesh-up the mix. Yeah, that’s right mesh not mash!

Pappzd is thinking, in times like this, we realise the UK Urban scene needs a nice peace anthem. A the moment all we can think of is: everybody needs to Fix Up Look Sharp!!! The mainstream is watching us. And this ain’t a good look.

What do you think about this? Are the two men just letting themselves down or the industry as a whole?

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