I thought all talk of bum enhancements would have bottomed-out after British student Claudia Aderotimi died tragically when a hotel room butt-job procedure went fatally wrong.

But now Alesha Dixon has admitted in public (again) that she would change her derrière if she could.

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Speaking to Closer Magazine The Strictly Come Dancing judge said,

I’ve always wanted a bigger bum! My personal trainer thinks I’m weird as I’m the first person she’s ever met who wants a bigger bum.

But I don’t care about having bigger boobs or a flat stomach, I just say ‘Give me an arse!’

And she’s not the only star who has issues with her bottom line. Remember those awful pics of  Sugababes’ Mutya Buena after her butt enhancements? Err… more Sugar Puffs than Sugababes.

Let’s not forget Amy Winehouse, who also talked about wanting a bigger arse to match her new breasts, after she reportedly spent £35,000 on surgery. Despite that most men would still probably say “No, no, no!”

So my advice to Alesha; please don’t become one of them, be proud of your flatty batty. After all, it’s the taut that counts.