He’s young and he’s black, surrounded by crack!

After being dissed by many for the quality of his bars, Ayo overcame all the negativity to persevere. And the result is Miss Education.

We asked him how it feels to release his first video and he told us,

Oh man! It feels absolutely great. Amazing! It was supposed to be out a month ago but it got delayed because of all the graphics and effects you see on it, we decided to put those in late but it was worth it.

But the work isn’t over, we’re working on getting it airplay now. I met with a PR company who told me they don’t think MTV will accept it because it hasn’t got any video honeys in it. Imagine! How was I gonna put titties and arse in a song like that with a positive message? Crazy! But we’re still gonna try, we’re meeting MTV next week. Maybe they wanted us to do a Skepta, I don’t know.

In all honesty, Pappzd likes the song and video as it is.

If you want to talk about bars, no Ayo isn’t on the same level as Ghetts or Wiley but nor is Tinie Tempah or Chipmunk. And Kanye or Jay-Z isn’t on the same level as Green Lantern or Canibus, but nobody complains about that.

What do you think of Ayo, the song and the video?