2011 is apparently the year of the Chipmunk.

The award winning rapper has had an amazing start to the year, collaborating with Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Movada and he’s also releasing a highly anticipated album in April.

And while we’ve been stuck to our electric heaters in freezing England he’s been schmoozing with other celebs in Miami and Jamaica. How we envy him.

Chipmunk is featured in the April issue of RWD talking about the disintegration of grime, his suicidal tweets and his transition from a north London grime MC to one of the UK’s biggest pop stars.

Through me, people can see it’s obviously not easy. If there’s anyone that’s good at taking shots from people, it’s me… I want people to understand the realness and the realities of what we’re doing… I’m trying to keep so many people happy at one time.

Read the full interview online at RWD