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Another advert from London rapper Wiley has been circulating over the Internet leaving viewers amused but extremely confused.

He is not advertising a new album, an event or even a TV appearance, he is advertising jam.

Yes – jam.  That sticky stuff we put on toast.  But this isn’t just any jam, this is Hartley’s new and improved squeezy jam. It’s “the same high quality tasting jam, but made in a convenient new squeezable format for kids to add to their toast or jam sandwiches.”  Notice the word ‘kids’.

Maybe he has a new single coming out that will be called Strawberry Jam? Or maybe there’s some subliminal message Pappzd is missing?

Whatever it is, we want an explanation before we are bombarded with videos about Kleenex tissues and Fairly liquid.

Whether or not Hartley’s is aware of this free advertising we do not know, but Pappzd has kindly sent them a link to this post so they can enjoy the video.

So what do our readers want to see Wiley talk about next?