Jessie J’s UK Number 1 hit Price Tag has reached Number 2 in the Australian iTunes chart. We have love for Jessie J, she’s representing us globally. Well done her.

But just below the surface, there’s a deeper story here. Jessie J tweeted this message earlier tonight

Here is the original tweet from Daniel Telo (Baybii_T) that started it off.

Click here to visit this dude’s Twitter page and take a good look at his background image. And then check out this tweet from him earlier.

Finally, look at this one.

What I don’t get is how Daniel says he almost took his life in 2010 but didn’t because of Jessie J’s album Who You Are. The album only just came out here in the UK two weeks ago and that’s only because it was rushed forward by a month!.

Furthermore, the album wasn’t available in Australia until last week! How did Jessie J’s album save this dudes life? Now, I still haven’t had a listen to the album. Is it that good?

What do you think?