Sometimes comedy is no laughing matter. And last night it seemed UK funny man Kojo wasn’t able to see the funny side of one his rivals, Miss London Hughes.

Kojo attacked Miss London using Twitter

In a rant on Twitter Kojo went in hard, spitting venom at Miss London in an unprovoked attack.

Hmmm. If you’re going to blatantly send for someone you really should be man enough to call them out.

Especially when your Twitter background has an image of you topless looking the hardman, wearing boxing gloves and with your jeans all the way down drawing attention to the manhood you seem to be lacking.

Because let’s face it…  for no apparent reason, you cussed a girl. On Twitter. And don’t even @mention her? Pfff!

So it was left to Funny Miss London to take the higher ground.

Maybe Kojo is a little pissed at all the attention Miss London is getting. Maybe he’s upset she’s getting a new BBC show.

Whatever the case is, going at another professional like that is not a good look, seems like crab mentality. And it ain’t funny at all