We first noticed yesterday when we realised we were no longer seeing Skepta’s tweets in our timeline.

We were confused at first, when we went to his page and found we weren’t following him. So we clicked Follow, only to get the notice below.

We can’t think why! OK, maybe it’s because of the slant in our Skepta – Hot Porn or Lame Stunt post. Seems a bit tame to us. Especially as the Skepta Airs Sex Music Video follow up has generated over 1,400 views of our readers looking for his video. FREE PUBLICITY!

As far as we know, it’s the first Twitter profile we’ve been blocked from following, but if we do our job properly we’re certain it won’t be the last.

But what really does blocking somebody on Twitter do, other than make you look a bit sissy? It just means we don’t get their timeline updates, we can still go to the page and see every tweet. Not only that, we’re still following from all our other accounts.

Oh well. We knew creating a UK Urban gossip magazine to create publicity and buzz about our urban artists was going to be an uphill struggle. Just seems the hill is gonna be steeper than we anticipated