With not much going on this Sunday, we thought we’d bring you a quick-fire post of what mega-interesting things our urban celebrities are tweeting. We’re calling it TweetWatch Sunday.

– Awww, how nice. But we perhaps didn’t need to know this. Instead of tweeting about it, be in the moment. It’s family

– Sorry about that. Nil points for trying to jealous us about the fact you fly first class. Not cool. But we hope you get your sleep

– We hope you get that good ol’ home cooked grub. But when you’re there, don’t do like Su-Elise and tweet about. Keep it family

– Whatever this man is on, we want some! Keep doing your thing.

– Yep, we roll our eyes at that too. It is kinda ironic, isn’t it?

– Yes Wiley! That is all

– OK, a bit of an alternative Sunday dinner move, but uh-huh, uh-huh…

– But, Makosi, did you fit inside?

– OK, we’ll wait. Thanks for the update

Have you seen any interesting tweets today? Let us know below