So Solid Crew’s only chick, Lisa Maffia is calling on fans to vote her in FHM’s 100 Sexiest poll 2011.

The model and singer, who was once the First Lady of UK Urban, definitely deserves to be on the list as you can see from these hot pics. And she has form, reaching Number 91 in 2002.

Everybody Vote for Liiiiiiiiii-sa Maffia!

Here’s the link to Vote for Lisa Maffia on FHM’s website. Vote using your Twitter or Facebook account. Pappzd just did.

We voted using our Facebook account AND our Twitter account, make sure you do the same.

Pappzd Lisa Maffia FHM Campaign

Pappzd is launching a campaign to get Lisa Maffia at least into the Top 20 and kick down doors for UK Urban models breaking into the mainstream. Retweet and Facebook Like this post to spread awareness. We really want to see Lisa smash this!

In case you’ve forgotten how hot the All Over star is, we’ve added a gallery to jog your memory.

Get voting!