What started off as a few tweets complaining about the UK urban music industry being slower than that of America’s, ended up as a full blown rant from Wiley stating that black people don’t support their own music.

This is the tweet that started it all

And it didn’t stop there. The controversial  tweets that followed had the whole of twitter at a standstill as he continued to explain why he thinks the urban scene in the UK isn’t going anywhere.

At one point he even joked about moving to America because their success rate is higher.

Take a look at some of the other tweets

Of course what was said was met with a mixture of positive and negative reactions. A lot of fans tweeted back at Wiley, some in support and others in dismay.

Pappzd thinks that what Wiley’s saying does make sense to an extent. Perhaps not the alleged belief that “black people don’t support their own,” but there is definitely something missing in the UK urban scene that isn’t letting it shine as much as America’s.

What do you think? Is Wiley over-reacting? Or does what he have to say make sense?