Since the BBC became the judge of what’s urban and what’s not they have decided to let funky house singer Katy B know that she’s not urban at all.

Katy was asked the following during an interview

And is umm… I mean I don’t know how to say this, you don’t look like your typical kind of urban music star, are you finding that you kind of stand out?

The presenter clearly felt embarrassed after seeing Katy B’s less than impressed face, and geared the question towards women in the underground scene. If she had done her research properly she would know that there are plenty of females to keep Katy B company.

Katy B is very much urban. She’s from Peckham, she’s a Funky, Dub-step and UK garage singer and she’s linked to some of the biggest names in grime (she used to be called Baby Katy).

It doesn’t get any more urban than that. Watch the video here