Young, attractive and very successful, surely Chipmunk can get any girl he wants, right?

But wait, the 20-year-old In The Air rapper told Pride magazine he was  actually on the hunt for a ‘normal’ girlfriend.

Honestly, I do get a lot of female attention. But it’s not hard, to have a normal relationship. I keep my life personal. It’s not difficult to do that.

Chipmunk then revealed,

I wouldn’t want to date any famous women. But there are some hotties.

It seems Mr Munk has his eye on the likes of ‘Good Girl’ Alexis Jordan and Saturdays singer, Rochelle Wiseman. Could this be a Chipmunk v Marvin battle over gorgeous Miss Wiseman?

But wait, he’s also got the hots for Rihanna too!

‘The one person I’d love to work with is Rihanna. I think she is absolutely outstanding. I think the two of us would work really well together.

This Rude Boy needs to make up his mind because RIRI isn’t exactly the girl next door!

Let’s hope his quest of finding himself a ‘normal’ girlfriend actually works. So parents – you better  lock away your daughters!