Bad boy Rapper Dappy was allegedly bottled and mugged according to News of the World.

The N-Dubz star was at posh  restaurant, Mao Tai in Fulham with Tinchy and their girlfriends when he took a trip to the toilet and was mugged of jewellery said to be worth £10,000.

He went back to the restaurant where he accused some guests there of assaulting him, a fight started and he was bottled over the head.

N-Dubz released an unofficial twitter statement today saying that Dappy had received his expensive jewelry back and in fact didn’t get bottled

Tweeters all over the UK, were also shocked as to why mini MC Tinchy didn’t back his friend.!/DanBell88/status/54545807508123650

Despite that fact that he ‘allegedly’ got bottled, so there was probably nothing to back, Tinchy Stryder isn’t exactly Mike Tyson is he now?

Since this isn’t the first time Dappy has been robbed, Pappzd has some suggestions for him.

1. hide your jewelry in one of your interesting hats

2. don’t flaunt it, people will bottle you

3. stick to wearing heavy and fancy jewelery at home, it probably weighs you down anyway

The award winning star is supposedly refusing to press charges over the incident.