Goodness Gracious me, Gracious K is looking all hench!

The Migraine Skank star has had a major body transformation, going from skinny bean to lean and mean.

Gracious K has dismissed rumors of steroid abuse and says he has gym training to thank for his amazing new physique. He gave Pappzd the inside scoop on his exercise regime

I go to the gym for 1 hour, 5 days a week. I start off with 20 kg on each side and benchpress 10 repetitions. I then repeat the same exercise but with heavier weights, going up to 40 kg

With summer around the corner we suggest some of you guys write down K’s routine, as it’s evidently working.

Check out more pictures of Gracious K’s buff new body transformation below.

What do you think girls, skank away or thank and stay?