Former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan has been around lately, she’s been snapped at an event launched by Naomi Campbell, was seated front row at a London Fashion Week show and was invited to Jennifer Hudson’s party held at The Ivy.

So despite having not released anything in years, Keisha Buchanan is still getting invites to all these events?

Ok so she’s planning studio time with X Factor rejects Belle Amie and is apparently releasing a new album, and it would be fun to see her battle in the charts with her former band mates, who –  to Keisha’s delight aren’t getting the same success they were used to when she was part of the group.

And though I wouldn’t have picked the shoes, or the skirt or the make-up we like the fact that she’s not letting herself be forgotten like one of the other original Sugababes.

And there’s nothing more that gets the camera’s attention than a bit of cleavage and thigh, and Keisha’s showing it all.