This week MR Mitchell (formerly of The Mitchell Brothers) released his music video for his first solo track Off The Coathanger.

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On the surface the songs content appears to be about MR Mitchell chasing his new music career and dreams.

However, Pappzd can reveal that hidden within the lyrics of the song are in fact shots taken at The Streets frontman Mike Skinner.

A little girl ran up to me and said Tony, you need to come back the game’s been lonely CD’s aint been sold in a long while and the streets could do with a brand new style, a brand new look a breath of fresh attire, so please don’t tell me that the bro’s have retired cos to be frank I am not inspired and whoever did your marketing has to be fired! What can I say I don’t mean no respect..but i aint heard fire since ‘routine check’ minus the last verse i wasn’t impressed, but let me keep that quiet as I progress

The Mitchell Brothers were protégé’s of Mike Skinners’ as well as signed to his label The Beats. However the albums they created under the label (A Breath of Fresh Attire and Dressed for the Occasion) had disappointing sales.

It’s obvious by the lyrics who MR Mitchell believes is to blame – Mike Skinner.

Furthermore, Skinner rapped the last verse in Routine Check which MR Mitchell explicitly makes clear he wasn’t impressed with.

Could this be the start of musical beef between the old time friends?