Troy, Martika, Chronz

Sassy girl group RD were all set and ready to support N-dubz on their nationwide tour, but unfortunately their dream was cut short when they were dropped from the line-up.

Pappzd is unsure why the trio have been kicked to the curb. Maybe N-dubz is afraid of being overshadowed? Maybe the girls aren’t good enough?  Or maybe RD just had better things to do?

Tweeters reacted fast to the news as usual. Some were happy, some were confused, some already had suggestions for a replacement.!/ZoeNDUBZULTRA/status/56371770495737856!/MissTBreezy_93/status/56068152462807040!/CodeRed_Support/status/56376243775471616!/ndubletforlife/status/56370449839439872

Ah well, it’s only one tour. They’ll be alrite still.