Just when we thought Noel Clarke was going soft on us with his romantic comedy The Knot, we are about to see his evil side again in gritty new prison film, Screwed.

Directed by Amy Winehouse’s other half, it’s about a prison officer’s journey in a brutal London prison. Sounds good right?

Noel Clarke plays tough boy Truman, a fearless prisoner with a knack for head-butting people. Guy’s If you’re a fan of prisons fights, drugs and corruption, this is your film and ladies If you’re a sucker for a bad boy, free up your diary for its release.

Whether or not he actually gets screwed in the film, you’ll just have to wait and see, we think it might earn him another Bafta, that will be something to rub in Adam Deacon’s face.

Screwed is out in cinemas on 3 June

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