OG Niki and Wezley Coshare

London based rapper and DJ Wezley Coshare insiders have revealed to Pappzd that OG Niki’s video was intended to ‘silence all the rumours about her in her local area.’

Her idea was to admit to doing everything she was getting gossipped about so that it could no longer be used as a weapon against her. Instead, the video has received worldwide exposure in 48 hours, making her plan backfire.

Since the release of the Spit Your Game video which sent her life into a global helter skelter, OG Niki appears to be bubbling up a romance with the rapper. It appears he may have asked for her number

Wezley Coshare who follows zero people, immediately followed OG Niki, making her the only person he has ever followed on Twitter. Two hours later OG Niki tweeted

The North London based Treat You Right rapper Wezley Coshare, who has accumulated over 10 million MySpace and YouTube views, has since set his Twitter page to private preventing people from seeing his tweets.

The pair both became trending topics on Twitter in the middle of the week and OG Niki tweeted about Wezley again on Tuesday

There have been mentions of the two making an appearance on radio this weekend, but Wezley has apparently cancelled all studio appointments and DJ bookings until further notice.

We can only guess what Wezley might have suggested to illicit this response from the girl-of-the-moment

Yeah, I bet. Giggle, giggle, snigger, snigger. Then it seems maybe, he went one suggestion too far

As Wezley Coshare has locked his Twitter we can’t show you his tweets. However, here are some replies to some of his tweets from people who managed to get in on the conversation

But some are suggesting the late night conversations and tweets are really about the pair planning to do a song together

However, our favourite tweet of the whole thing had to be this one