OG Niki

OG Niki touched down in the capital on Wednesday for her Welcome to London party.

Yet despite amassing over 13,000 followers and more than 8,000 fans in just one week, not even one of of them showed up to throw down petals at her feet. Zip – zero.

The 17-year-old Brum rapper, who literally placed the world on standby last week, rolled in deep with a 20-strong all male entourage and Pappzd couldn’t help wondering if any of them were her Energizer Bunnies.

Unfortunately, to everyone’s disappointment, on the night Niki and her crew made up half the crowd in the club.

Clearly embarrassed by the ZERO turn out (the rest were organisers, DJ’s etc), Niki bailed early making a quick exit, her team behind her  – but not before getting paid a tidy appearance fee which was rumoured to be four digits.

Belle, OG Niki, Black Kim K

The Real OG Niki

We have to say OG Niki looked the best we have ever seen her, rocking a tight pink skirt and white tank top with sky-high heels that added a lot of height to her already tall stature. In person, she was very humble and much more calm than she appeared in her now infamous Spit Your Game video.

After last night Pappzd is wondering if all the fast hype and scandalous notoriety will prove worth it. If people follow and like you but then don’t turn out to see you, is the shame game worth the fame and pain? We’ll see…

Check out more pics of OG Niki and her entourage below