Tut tut to Blue star Simon Webbe for cheating on his girlfriend and even bigger tut for getting busted.

The boy-band hottie was caught in a compromising position by his girlfriend of six years Layla Manoochehri.

The  Manchester born singer, who has now been dumped, was cheating with former playboy bunny Chloe Simms who, in my opinion, has nothing on Layla.

Speaking to a news source Layla said:

I came back at about 3am and I saw all these lights in the house and I thought, ‘Oh Simon must have brought some people home’. I walked into the house and it was mayhem. The place was full of mainly boys and I’m like, ‘Where’s Simon?’ The only other room that I hadn’t looked in was my bedroom. I actually was walking there thinking, ‘Please, please don’t be in the bedroom’. I got inside and he was in a compromising position with Chloe on the bed. They freaked out when they saw me. She had a little white dress and was on top of him. He had no top on but had his jeans on. The lights were on so I had a very good view and they looked like they were in the middle of something. I stood there and laughed, what else could I do? I just turned on my heels and left.

A source close to Simon insisted that nothing was going on, but Pappzd knows a cheater when we see one.