Two of the biggest names in rap, Tinie Tempah and Wiz Khalifia have joined forces to bring us a hot new single Till I’m Gone.

We never would have put the two together, but thank God they’ve teamed up, with two of the hottest guys in the urban scene,we’re expecting one of those lock-your-bedroom-door-videos. In an interview with the Daily Star, Tinie said:

I feel like we’re in the same kind of situation but in reverse. He’s really huge in the US and I have a lot of presence in the Europe and UK, so if there was ever a time to collaborate now would be the time

This will be his second single to be released in the states and hopefully it will have the same success Written in the Stars had.

We hope Wiz Khalifa doesn’t have too much of an influence on Tinie Tempah though, we don’t want him coming back a weed head.

Who else cant wait for the song?!