With all the OG Niki scandal we thought this list should be six, or maybe even seven men. But we decided we’re not ready to take on OG Niki so five is enough.

Here at Pappzd we love men, and our top five UK urban hotties are sure to have the ladies salivating in anticipation. So based on current work and recent(ish) images we decided to list five of the hottest men in UK urban culture right now.

5. Gracious K

As Black Kim K reported Gracious K went from Migraine Plank to Tank, delicious to say the least.  His body is also good motivation for the lads who have dedicated themselves to get hench or die trying this summer. But don’t stare too hard ladies, you might get a Migraine!

Gracious K

4. Bashy

It doesn’t really matter what Bashy does, be it music or acting he will always look good. There’s something all manly, sort of Adulthood about him. Add to that his positive attitude and how he is polite enough to meet the parents, he has to appear on this list.


3. Tinie Tempah

The massive change to his style and a string of hits means that Tinie has made it on to our radar as one of the most desirable urban hotties.

Even though this may mean every non-blonde having to resort to peroxide dye to get his attention, we still can’t get enough. It’s enough to make you Pass Out.

Tinie Tempah

2. Scorcher

Although we’re not a fan of the recent increase in his facial tattoos, Scorcher blazes in at number two and gets away with the small lighting bolt along with his succulent lips.

It would be a crying shame if  he weren’t included in this list. We’d rather a full Rendezvous than just a Lipsing Ting, but either way, there would be no complaints.


1. Dele

That body! That voice!  And have you seen the F U Right video?!

I need not say any more except that he is apparently from East London and someone needs to forward us his address asap!


That’s five bag of man.. And no OG Niki to be found anywhere!

Agree? Disagree? Tell us why or why not and add your list in the comments