We’ve had a shocking two months in UK urban. Seems artists are going full out for publicity, and it’s leading to some serious skank behaviour.

We’ve compiled a Top 5 Most Skankiest UK urban moments in recent history list. See if you agree.

5. Charley Uchea

In 2009, Big Brother 7 contestant, Charley made headlines when she was pictured outside London’s Funky Buddha nightclub with a deliberate wardrobe malfunction extraordinaire.

More hot-mess than hotness, she staggered about in tiny denim shorts and knee-high boots, clearly loving the attention.

However, now  Charley is preggers she has hopefully grown up a little bit. The only club we want to spot her coming out of is the mother & toddler group with a nursing bra in full effect!

4.  Amelle Berrabah

Violence is never a good look, and wrecking someone’s car while acting like a ladette is a recipe for an epic fail.

In 2008, the newest (at the time) Sugababe turned sour when she allegedly lashed out at her sister’s neighbour, vandalising her car. If handcuffs and orange jumpsuits was the look you were going for Amelle, you were on the right track.

3. Javine Hylton

The Eurovision flop who stole Alesha Dixon’s tool of a husband, Harvey. And his excuse for cheating on Alesha? He wanted kids straight after tying the knot – and while Alesha wanted to focus on her career, Javine was all-too-happy to open up.

So for her inability to keep her legs closed around other people’s husbands, Javine has earned herself a spot on our skank list.

2. Skepta

What is the best way for an artist to get thousands of  views for their latest track? Take a leaf out of Skepta’s book and make a 4-minute porno to get people talking and cringing at the same time.

Everything about his All Over the House video was cheap and nasty, from the actors to the heels the girl was wearing. Who even remembers how the song goes anyway?

Well even though you blocked Pappzd from your Twitter account Skepta, you still made it on our Top 5 Skankiest list, so everyone’s a winner!

1. OG Niki

She’s been around (no pun intended) for only a week and has already raked in over 200,000 YouTube views. She has also fallen in and out of love with Wiley, or Wezley Coshare, whilst making a bad name for herself in the Twittersphere.

The 17-year-old became an overnight sensation when she left everyone speechless with her raw, sexually explicit lyrics about her six-man conquest.

I don’t think she’ll be here for long so in the meantime she deserves the title of most skankiest urban act in the UK 2011.

What do you think of this list? Can you think of somebody more deserving? Tell us below