While us ordinary folk are preparing for work tomorrow and getting over  hangovers, Pappzd takes a look at what our urban celebs are getting up to and tweeting on this week’s Tweet Watch Sunday.

-Working hard on a Sunday? Major points for getting your work on whilst the rest of the world has a lazy Sunday

-Packing on extra kilos is never a #winning movement Westwood. Ever

-Why exactly were you and your manager fighting in the first place? Anyways glad you’re back on track

-Awww how sweet! Hope his spelling is slightly better than his fathers though

-Nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh you fancy huh?

-Now that’s a way to spend your Sunday! Did you do it topless by any chance? We know how much you love showing off your new hench physique.

Have you spotted any interesting celeb tweets this Sunday?