Bad boy MC Skepta was allegedly shot as he partied in London nightclub Shaka Zulu last night.

The 28-year-old announced on Twitter that he was in fact fine and dandy and they were just rumours started by people who want him dead. This leaves Pappzd thinking who exactly wants Skepta dead?

Whoever is behind these awful rumours should be ashamed of themselves, Skepta shot?! Imagine what his mum thought when she heard the news!!/Skepta/status/57046672462721024!/_YarenTW/status/57047747106324480

Lets face it – the grime world needs Skepta and so do his fans . I mean, how we will survive without him? Where will we go for the latest urban porn music videos?

However, we all know Skepta is great at getting attention. Is this just another publicity stunt?