What started as an alleged R.kelly-esque relationship between Wiley and OG Niki on twitter, quickly turned into a bitter war of words.

The world has gone mad for 17-year-old rapper OG Niki, but Wiley started a questionable relationship with the young star which has left the Twittersphere thinking what the hell is going on?

My advice to Wiley – leave it out before you catch a case, this R.kelly-esque relationship will not end well. And it seems Wiley’s exes weren’t impressed either, with the Grime king admitting,

Furthermore OG Niki showed Wiley that she is the boss and let him know she is hot shit now, advising him she doesn’t work for nothing.

Oh I see, so you did get paid for the 6-man battery then!? But we all know Wiley isn’t one to be taken for a wasteman, he replied back saying

*Sigh* Just kiss and make up guys. No, actually don’t.