The Pappzd Team watched the behind-the-scenes footage of Wiley’s video Seduction, it was something different, a bit fruity and not really what one would expect from Eskiboy.

However it still came as a surprise to us when he decided to scrap the video, especially since he had been hyping it up for ages.

The Boy Better Know star briefly explained to his followers why the video would not be shown to the public, in short: a rubbish director

So a crap video, five grand down the pan, thousands of disappointed fans; I would have thought Wiley would be ranting on-and-on, but he seems to have taken it quite well.

Maybe it’s because Numbers In Action, his other new video, has already notched up over 40,000 views in just two days and is, might I say, amazing. It’s gaining major critical acclaim.

However, YouTube star Alexa Goddard was clearly feeling gutted by the whole experience and tweeted her heartache to her 11,000+ followers

It was her first proper music video, after all. Poor thing