Looks like Wretch isn’t as hard as we thought. The Traktor rapper seems to be embarrassed about the fact that people may think he’s just another one hit wonder.

He revealed to the Daily Star:

A massive song can be both a gift and a curse. Sometimes I feel like I’m almost up there and it throws you into a league that you might not be ready to be in.

Have the demands of being a No1 artist shaken Wretch up? He definitely isn’t shuffling along with the LMFAO crew, who knocked him off the number one spot last week.

He continued:

It means you have to keep delivering, otherwise people might think, ‘He only had one or two hits’. You just have to be ready to adjust.

Maybe Wretch should take a few tips from Tinie or Tinchy on how to remain big in the game before he ends up like the K.I.G family and we wouldn’t want that for anybody.