A photo of Newcastle player Nile Ranger with a gun was published in The Sun causing the premier league club to launch an immediate inquiry.

The picture, taken by Nile’s girlfriend, shows the 20-year-old footballer holding a gun in a pose which Mothers Against Violence campaigner Patsy McKie says is a bad example to all young boys.

A source close to Nile Ranger says the picture was taken after friends from London made the trip to Newcastle to visit the striker

Someone spotted this bulge in the waistband of one of the bloke’s trousers. He was a bit of a hardcase and pulled out this gun. It was passed around and Nile struck up a pose like a gangster and tried to look like a real tough guy

Ranger, who was was sent to a young offenders’ institution for 11 weeks when he was just 15, has since apologised for the photo assuring bosses that the gun was a replica. He said of his jail time

I started running with a gang. We were convicted of street robbery in Muswell Hill. There was a weapon but we didn’t use it. Jail was pretty rough but it taught me a lot. The most important thing I learned is that I never want to go back

It seems like no further action is being taken against Nile, his club seems to have forgiven him but in light of all the gun crime that is happening in the UK this is the wrong time for a picture like this to come to light.