Boy band JLS were in Miami shooting for their new video She Makes Me Wanna, and met up with UK singer Craig David who shared some sex tips with the boys.

The Fill Me In star got the foursome drunk then invited them back to his bachelor pad where he filled them in on how to get girls. Ortise said of their meeting

We went out for dinner with him. Then we went to his flat to drink a few tequilas.There are a lot of pictures of girls on his walls – all over the house. We talked about women loads. He said, ‘Just stick with me. I’ll take you to all the good places where there are loads of girls’

However, it wasn’t only Craig david who was handing out advice. The boys, who ran a campaign with Durex and now have their own JLS condoms, gave the 30-year-old singer four boxes of condoms. Ortise also revealed that he always takes his special condoms with him on holiday and they always get used.

When I go on holiday I always pack my condoms with my suntan lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste. I took my condoms to Miami and got through a box.

Well there’s nothing better than safe sex and a bit of promotion is there?