Dappy with girlfriend Kaye Vassel

N-Dubz rapper Dappy has cheated on girlfriend Kaye Vassel, according to News of The World.

The No1 rapper allegedly bedded 21-year-old model Cassie Johnson, who he met at Tup Tup Palace nightclub in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Cassie Claims the father of two, who wore his hat in bed, spent the night with her. She said to NOTW

It wasn’t the best sex I’ve ever had, I know Dappy gets women throwing themselves at him so I think he was surprised when I woke up next morning, refused to give him my number and said I didn’t want to see him again.
He was quite selfish in bed, taking the time to please himself without worrying about what I wanted. To be honest, I got bored and just wanted to doze off.

Kaye Vassel will not be happy to hear the news, this is not the first time Dappy has cheated on her. She took him back the last times, will this be the final straw for the hat-wearing rapper?

And is it just us, or do you think Cassie bears a resemblance to bandmate Tulisa?

Update: we have received a notice to take down our story and pictures of Cassie Johnson. As we do not hold the rights to the images in question we have complied. But hell will freeze over before we take down our story. She actually demanded that we pay her a fee to keep the story online. Erm… Cassie, when you have succeeded in winning a super injunction – come back to us. M’kay?