Big Brother Star Makosi has become the victim of a senseless racial attack on Twitter.!/Morton457_/status/65231400009338880

It is unsure whether Andrew was following Makosi at the time, but his words have not been met very kindly by her followers.!/TimiDaniels/status/65361346346221568

Makosi, a Zimbabwean national, exclusively told Pappzd:

Its really unfortunate that’s the world we live in! We see racism in football we see it on TV and experience it on twitter!  We even see it with the police, but I must say black people as a race have come a long way. I take pride in our strength and I too dream of a world where the color of our skin will not matter and subject us to abuse.

What does the law say about this? If he said it to her face or anywhere else he would surely be arrested for racial abuse, don’t anti-racism laws apply online?