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Don’t Jealous Me aka T-boy has sensationally ‘leaked’ exclusive footage from new British sitcom Meet The Adebanjo’s.

Meet the Adebanjo’s (MTA) is about the goings on in a British-Nigerian family in which the father struggles to instill his traditional values into his very modern UK children.

T-boy, who also appears on the show, has released a hilarious trailer of the eagerly anticipated comedy which will premiere in London on 26 June before being shown as an online series. The show also stars comedian and actor Simply Andy.

How Mr Don’t Jealous Me managed to ‘steal’ the footage he has released remains a closely guarded ‘secret’, but let’s hope the multi-talented comedian has more in store for us.

Watch the funny clip above and learn more about the brilliant comedy at the official Meet The Adebanjo’s website