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In a recent interview with Bang FM’s Mr. Silk, female lyricist/songwriter/singer No.Lay explicitly expressed her dislike for Birmingham rapper OG Niki.

When asked what she thought of the Birmingham rapper, No.Lay replied

I don’t really think of her if I’m honest. When she first came out there was that shock factor and all the rest of it, but as a real person I have to say I don’t really respect what she talks about- so I don’t really think of her if you see what I’m saying.

Commenting on OG Niki’s content and what she raps about, she said

I just want women to respect themselves and not to feel like they need to talk like that to become something in the game basically. I just don’t agree with what she’s talking about . I think it’s disgusting.

No.Lay goes on to say that there is nothing wrong with talking about sex, because as we all know sex sells. She does however believe that there is a difference in the way it is sold.

I think there’s a way of talking about sex-I’m not saying don’t talk about sex…It’s not a dirty thing, but it’s when you make it sound dirty and you make it sound demeaning for women…that’s how it comes across when I listen to her [OG Niki]. It comes across as just porn.

What do you think? Is No.Lay right about OG Niki? Is sex the only way to sell music?

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