Lorraine Mbulawa walked free from court, after being charged with the attempted murder of her mother.

The Zimbabwean-born student was 18 at the time. She put on a  balaclava and gloves, entered her mother’s room and stabbed her five times. The Leicester teenager then managed to convince a judge and jury that she was possessed by the spirit of her grandmother’s ghost.

Describing the attack on her, victim Mrs Mbulawa, told the jury

I saw this figure in my room  and a shiny object was in the air. I was petrified. I thought it was an intruder.

Mrs Mbulawa then turned the light on, pulled off the mask and realised the attacker was her own daughter. Lorraine screamed to her mother that people were after them and were trying to kill them.

In her defence, Lorraine Mbulawa told the court:

My grandmother said my mother was responsible for the death of my father and I had to do the honourable thing… by killing my mother

Mrs Mbulawa told the jury her husband had collapsed and died suddenly in 2000. Her daughter has been given a 12-month suspended prison sentence and was ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work.

Despite nearly killing her mother, the judge believed her ‘possessed’ story and accepted that Lorraine has strong beliefs in witchcraft, with psychiatrists confirming she is not clinically mad.

I’m sorry but, girl stabs mother five times and doesn’t do time? The world’s gone mad!