Rio Ferdinand’s crazy Premiereship stalker Susanne Ibru was served a 10 week prison sentence and 10 year restraining order for harassing the Manchester United and England footballer.

Ibru, a 38-year-old south Londoner stalked Rio and his family by making numerous visits to their house in Cheshire, around 400 miles away from her Peckham home.

We hope Ibru’s sentencing has given the Premiereship star some closure so he can fully concentrate on entertaining us with his tweets and winnng the title and Champions League.

And at least Ibru will have those 10 weeks to think about the pain she caused Rio’s family, and in 10 years who knows, after she’s burnt that awful weave maybe Rio will have forgotten what she looks like and she can start her reign of terror all over again.

Do you think Rio had a past relationship with her? They are both from Peckham and there is a chance they could have been old friends , has Rio just gotten rid of an annoying ex girlfriend from his past?