Rochelle Wiseman and Vanessa White

Vanessa White of The Saturdays revealed how she and the girls would love to spend a night in the Playboy mansion.

Seeing as Rochelle is the Saturday girl with the hottest body, if we could vote for anyone to be a Playboy bunny it would be her. The singer is no stranger to men’s magazine’s as she’s been on the cover of FHM and has a body some women would kill for.

Vanessa White, the second sexiest Saturday, was at the Gumball Rally launch party taking place at the Playboy club. She said of their Hugh Hefner dream

Me and the girls always talk about going to the Playboy Mansion.We’d love it and we really want to try being bunnies.

When asked in 2010 if she would pose naked for Playboy, 22-year-old hottie Rochelle answered  never say never. I wonder what her JLS boyfriend Marvin will think of her naked ambition.

Would you pose nude for Playboy?