Two Teenagers were shot dead outside a Samaritans branch in Milton Keynes on Thursday.

Mohammed Farah and his friend Amin Ahmed Ismail were found by paramedics in an alleyway on an estate notorious for crime, they had both been shot in the head numerous times.

19-year-old Mohammed was pronounced dead at the scene, his friend, 18-year old Amin Ahmed Ismail died 14 hours later in hospital.

Rumours have already started spreading in the city which has a community of 10,000 Somalians with some people saying it’s a race-hate attack, while others are blaming drugs gangs. Det Superintendent Rob Mason, who is leading the inquiry, said

I realise that there is a lot of concern in the community as well as a lot of speculation about the reasons behind this incident. We are still trying to establish the facts and cannot be drawn on rumours and speculation

Members of the Somalian community camped outside the area where the boys were shot for several hours, visibly distraught by the news which has shocked the community. Mohammed Farah’s uncle told reporters

Mohammed was actually in hiding for the last few weeks because he thought something might happen to him.I know he was beaten up in the past but he never said who by and he didn’t tell the police.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the crime.

Anyone with any information about this incident should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111