Dizzie Rascal, in an interview with the Daily Star has revealed his plans to give up music temporarily and focus his energies elsewhere.

The Bonkers rapper believes he has been working hard non-stop since he released his first album Boy In Da Corner and that a break is definitely needed.

There won’t be a new album from me for a while, until at least next year.
I hope that doesn’t upset fans who wanted to hear something from me by the end of 2011.
But it feels like I’ve released albums almost back-to-back since Boy In Da Corner.
I want to live life for a bit, kick back, see things, do other things and recharge my batteries.

Is Dizzie’s time up? The popularity of Tinie Tempah has surely had an effect on Dizzie’s career, who was once seen as the saviour of urban music. Is he taking a back seat for his friend Tinie?