Alexandra Burke let down her carefully crafted, sophisticated diva image and went all hood on Twitter earlier today, unleashing a barrage of vulgar expletives to a cool, calm and collected Example.

It all kicked off when Example tweeted what appeared to be a relatively harmless poke at Alexandra

We don’t think Example was ready for Alexandra’s response. Clearly, she decided attack was the best form of defence, even giving a warning as she removed her shoes and earrings

And it didn’t stop there



Oh no she didn’t! Hmmmm, is that even how you spell it? Example then tweeted:

POW 2011 REMIX !!!

Yes, the rapper just kept on digging

But Example had to have the last word

Well  it’s clear to see that Example didn’t give a F@**. Maybe they should both take a chill pill and sit themselves down on the naughty step?

Do you think Alexandra was right to take it to the street, or was Example out of order?