New girl band Stooshe have got a lot of people talking with their provocative debut single Fuck Me. In a recent interview with SOSOGAY the girls rated themselves 10 on a scale of 1-10 on ‘realness’.

Realness is massively important. We wouldn’t be able to be anything if we weren’t being ourselves.

Now here’s the issue, to all those of you who know about Stooshe, it’s clear to say that these girls appear anything but real.

From their fake eyelashes, cheap-hooped earrings and a wardrobe that  would make Willow Smith puke, not to mention the gelled baby hair thing they have going on. Do people still do that?

It seems like these ladies are stuck in Mutya Buena’s 2004 era. There’s nothing new or exciting about this tacky clown look they’re going for. Leave all that for Jessie J, at least she does it well…sometimes.

What do guys think? Have Stooshe got any reason to be Stoosh?