Since rumours began about Cheryl Cole spending a night with ex husband Ashley in their former Surrey home, the Chelsea star has been on a winning streak by showering her with gifts.

Now what’s the best way  to show everyone that you’re still in love with the woman whose heart you broke? If you’re Ashley Cole, you show your love by deleting every single female contact off your Blackberry. Well we would be flattered wouldn’t we girls…? Not!

If this is how easily wooed Cheryl is then we might even have a go ourselves. This is one of the many ‘grand’ gestures Ashley has shown Cheryl in the past week.

It was reported that the England and Chelsea football star bought his ex wife a Chihuahua and is also planning to do something special for her birthday next week. So all it takes to win Cheryl back is deleting contacts, a small animal, and a party? Noted.

Will Cheryl take kindly to her new pup, a clean phone and some party poppers? Tell us what you think