Veteran singer Beverley Knight has openly blasted the X factor saying that she would never appear on the show. The soul singer called the hit TV series a monstrosity.

I couldn’t ever stand there and effectively tell them how to become a superstar. They won’t be, and a huge amount of money will be sunk into them that could have gone to someone who has worked hard for it

I love to give my advice and expertise to artists who are putting in the groundwork, but that show requires a level of fakeness that I couldn’t give

I’d want to get deep – talk about annunciation and posture – but the TV wouldn’t want that! They want pantomime

Ouch!  Since when was  Beverley so openly opinionated?

After snubbing Leona Lewis and slating Cheryl Cole saying ‘the girl can’t cut it’ on the American X Factor, I think it’s safe to say Miss Knight isn’t the shows biggest fan.

Back in May she showed on Twitter that the thought of becoming a judge on the show was laughable

But today she made it clear to her followers that it was the show she was against and not the people that applied to be on it.

Do you think that all this big talk is a  desperate shout to get publicity for her new album Soul UK, which is out next week? Share your thoughts