In a recent interview British soul singer Beverley Knight revealed that  she thinks Alexandra Burke was the best thing to come out of the X Factor, even above Leona Lewis.

We’re just doing a show together, we’re the only acts on the bill and that’s nice to share a stage with someone that’s so talented and in my opinion the most talented of anyone to ever come from that kind of show.

So does this mean that the Shoulda Woulda Coulda singer isn’t a big Leona fan?

Alex not only sings brilliantly, but she’s a performer, she works the stage brilliantly. Leona’s a great voice but what Alex has is the entire thing, she has everything you need to be an artist in my opinion so I’m really thrilled to be on the stage with her.

So Beverley basically thinks that Leona Lewis is boring. Shock Horror. Can Leona really compete with Alexandra’s infectious personality and charisma?

No doubt Leona has an incredible voice but the last time she showed a speck of personality was in the video to Forgive Me and we all know how awkward that was to watch, not forgetting her recent odd taste in fashion.

Do you agree with Beverly?