As music fans all over the world tuned in to watch Beyonce rock the main stage at Glastonbury on Sunday night, everyone was left scratching their heads about her odd choice of guest performer Tricky. Who?

Apart from showing his shameful dance moves in front of RnB  royalty and the rest of the world, there’s much more to Tricky then meets the eye.

After leaving electronic group Massive Attack in 1993 Tricky went on to pursue a solo career and became a  Trip Hop pioneer throughout the 90’s. The producer and singer sneakily gave a hint on twitter that he was up to something… who knew it was performing with Beyonce!?

Well no, we weren’t! And seems he wasn’t either as he hardly uttered a word when he stepped up to the mic, appearing awestruck or scared, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of the Beyonce juggernaut. Or on something nobody should ever take. Never ever!

Not to be mistaken for American Tricky Stewart, who produced Single Ladies and some tracks from Beyonce’s current album 4, the 43-year-old Bristol-born Tricky is about to release Time To Dance on 18 July, taken from his 2010 album Mixed Race. Despite this very awkward  moment in his career the  musician took the world reaction to his bizarre inclusion lightly, he even retweeted his favourite ones.

Was Bey just being a good friend? Will this relaunch Tricky’s career? What do you think?

Our favourite tweet about the whole bizarre affair is one we think may just sum it up perfectly. Well done to Soul Culture for putting it out there

If you’re in the UK, you can watch the scene here on BBC iPlayer