So Chipmunk has stated that being the “gentlemen” he is, he “helped Rihanna get to the toilet”, as the What’s My Name singer struggled to get through a crowd.

And there was me thinking that being a gentlemen was helping an elderly woman cross the road so she wouldn’t miss the latest episode of Songs of Praise but clearly I was wrong!

Chipmunk also stated that he helped Rihanna in her long, undying quest to find the nearest lavatory because he has “good manners”.

Like every other man on the planet, he couldn’t help being struck by the Bajan singers beauty saying “I like the long red hair, though she’s even better with it short”.

And Chris Brown if you happen to read this and are now incredibly angry that your friend and super hot ex are getting chummy, please take long deep breaths we wouldn’t want more women to find themselves crippled in hospital.

What do you guys think about Rihanna and Chipmunk? Would she look better with Mr. Munk by her side or Chris?